The Challenge Machinery Company

Since Challenge first started making guillotine paper cutters in 1887, Challenge has been recognized as the leader in applying technology in innovative ways in the development of products for print finishing operations, both for traditional print processes and for digital printing applications.

Paper Cutters


Large Format Paper Cutters

Large format paper cutters, built to provide you with the same precise, trouble-free operation you’ve become accustomed to with the Challenge product line.

The industry workhorse for over thirty years. Powerful, accurate, hydraulic clamping and cutting with a 30½” cut width and 4″ clamp opening.

This 23″ programmable cutter provides the digital market with Challenge durability and productivity in the perfect size.


A manual backgauge version of our popular Titan 200 cutter.


Spartan 150 SA


A sleek, strong, 15″ table-top paper cutter perfect for the professional office, copy center, in-plant, and on-demand printing environment.


Champion 370 TC


37″/94cm programmable paper cutter. Rugged construction with hydraulic clamping and cutting ensures the ultimate in dependability and productivity.


Titan 265 TC


Offers many features first made popular on our larger cutter models. The Titan 265 is a 26½” programmable cutter.


Titan 200



A 20″ programmable cutter. This hydraulic-powered, safe, productive, and durable machine fits into almost any budget.

18-1/2″ – These paper cutters provide an economical solution for a wide range of cutting environments.


A lever-operated 15″ table-top cutter with digital backgauge readout.


Cutter Care Kit, Jogging Aid, and Waste Carts.

Book Trimmers

Designed for the on-demand printing environment, the CMT-330TC features full digital control of the trimming process!

Designed from the ground up to be the most flexible book trimmer available. It’s the only machine in its class to offer true modular trimming.

Paper Drills

High production and heavy-duty drilling of up to 10 holes in a single stroke makes the MS-10 the ultimate drilling machine.

Up to five heads handle many multiple hole patterns in a single stroke (three heads come standard). 2½” drill capacity.

Drills the most popular 3-hole patterns in one stroke as well as single and double hole patterns. 2½” drill capacity.

A manual, foot pedal operated drill with 2″ drilling capacity. Auto-trip side guide for multi-hole patterns.

Economical, convenient, and safe to operate.  Our newest  hand-operated table-top drill provides up to 2½” drilling capacity. 

Insist on original equipment Challenge-manufactured drill bits. Sharpen drill bits in seconds to keep production flowing.

Cornering Machines


SCM Hydraulic



Hydraulic powered with a 4″ (10 cm) lift capacity.


Manually-operated with a 2″ (5 cm) lift capacity.





Powerful jogging action with optional air separation for static-laden digitally printed materials


Combination Joggers



Heavy-duty 20” x 26”, 24” x 36” or 28” x 40” tilt-top tables for large lifts and finished press sheets.


This small but mighty jogger provides a powerful, quiet, maintenance-free jogging action that efficiently jogs paper up to 11” x 17” (A3).

Padding Presses


The original and still the BEST. Easy, portable, affordable, high-production padding.


The Challenge Handy-Padder design provides a portable and compact table top padding device for the right price.


This innovative and low cost table top padder offers a convenient, portable, and simple to use padding solution for those low volume padding needs.

Lifting and Handling


Designed and engineered by Challenge, the PowerLift I lifts and lowers pallets up to 21.75” x 22” and 2,500 pounds.


Self-squaring slanted shelves hold up to 11″ x 17″ stock. 500 lb total truck capacity on 12 shelves.


Affordable stock truck holds (4) piles of 11″ x 17″ up to 21″ tall.  Perfect for printers, copy centers, mail rooms, and offices.